Olympic Lawn and Landscape

Mowing Service
Olympic Lawn & Landscape provides mowing services for commercial properties and high-end acreage lots. We are reliable, prompt and do an excellent job with all of your mowing needs. Our weekly mowing service is customized to meet your specific property. http://www.olympiclawn.net/Olympic-Lawn-Mowing-Service.php
Chemical Applications
Are you ready to experience a lush green lawn? Need help getting rid of your weeds? Want to relax and enjoy your summer without having to work in your yard? Contact Olympic Lawn & Landscape today to schedule your lawn's chemical treatment. Our 6-Step application program utilizing herbicides and fertilizer will enhance the beauty of your turf and increase the health of your grass. Our lawn & landscape program will get your yard looking great in no time. We'll put down all of the fertilizers needed so that the weeds stay out of your grass, and your grass stays healthy and green. http://www.olympiclawn.net/Olympic-Lawn-Chemical-Applications.php
Turf Renovation
Is your lawn in need of renovation? Often times the harsh Kansas City climate can take a negative toll on our green turf. Lawns require maintenance, and even lawn renovation sometimes, in order to get the green grass to return. Whether you just need aeration to keep your grass healthy, seeding in a few areas, or even full sod installation, Olympic Lawn & Landscape has the experience and team you need. Our team of lawn renovation experts will work with you to determine the exact solution for all your turn renovation needs. http://www.olympiclawn.net/Olympic-Lawn-Turf-Renovation.php

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