This grass seed needs no watering, no fertilizer, no mowing and will grow in deep shade and hard to grow areas. Its also grub resistant.

We Sell the grass seed (ecolawn)

This is your solution

You can order learn more or order it now online at

It will save you energy
Its good for our environment
You wont need to water
You can have a lawn
Grubs hate it
It will grow in deep shade
Deep roots
Saves you only

more info: Eco-Lawn is a revolutionary, low-maintenance lawn seed. Developed in Canada to tolerate our harsh weather conditions. It is a mixture of 7, slow growing fine fescues. Once established, you will never have to water, fertilize, no weed control, grubs don't like it, and the best part... you only cut once a month, instead of every 5 days.

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