Add On Dump Run Services

Dump run services

Dump Run Services

What to consider when adding Dump Run services to your business.

 Dump Run services you can offer all year round to your customers that have a large enough amount of garbage o be taken to the curb and have to make a special trip to the local landfill site.

This dump run may be needed because the customer may be moving or may be just doing a major house cleaning and want to clear up the clutter. No matter what the reason you can be there to solve the problem with your truck and trailer.

You need to know before you go to the “Dump Run” customer approximately how much garbage are you moving? A pick up truck full or more? Is it already to going to be in a pile in the customers garage or are you going to have pick through everything yourself as you go. Are there any paints or other possible toxic materials that you mat not want to handle or that may have to be taken to a separate landfill? Are there any articles that may be too heavy or awkward for one person to move/lift onto the truck?

By having some idea what you are up against then you will know if you want the job or not, if you are going to need to bring some help with you and a minimum of what you are going to charge the customer.

 What are you going to charge the customer? This all depends on what you charge yourself out at on a per hour basis. You are going to have to drive to the customers’ house, load your truck/trailer. Then take the load to the landfill site, dump it, pay the tipping fees, then either go back to the customers house and settle up or put it on the customers monthly account.

I would say that we still go by the $75.00 per hour for you, your truck/trailer, gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. Tipping fees are always an “x” factor because no one knows what exact weight of the garbage in your vehicle is going to be until it has been weighed. At some landfill site there are different rates depending on what exactly it is that you are dumping.

It is best know what the landfill site you are going to be using will and won’t accept. You will also need to know there hours of operation as there is nothing worse than assuming the dump is open only to get there and it closed 15 minutes before you got there. All of a sudden you are stuck with a load of garbage you can’t get rid of until the next day. (The next day you are mowing lawns and need the truck and trailer empty to put your lawn equipment into)

Try to figure out how long it will take to get from your place to the customers, account for a minimum of ½ an hour to load and the same to unload at the dump. Also account for returning home from the dump or to the customer’s to collect. (Remember you are still on the clock until you get home or collect) Above all don’t do it for nothing especially now with the price of gas. So if the customer asks what is it going to cost tell them approximately $60.00 to $100.00 plus tipping fees and taxes as long as they have all of the garbage together in one place and it can be easily transported to you truck/trailer.

Always take or keep the following on your truck when doing dump runs. A broom, flat shovel extra large heavy duty garbage bags a long rope and a good sized tarp to cover your load. These items will help you be prepared for those unorganized customers.

A note on giving price quotes over the phone. The tipping fees can vary dramatically depending on the weight of what you are throwing out. If they are getting rid of roof shingles or drywall from home renovations then the fees will be huge. It is this reason why inquiring what it is you are dumping before you go to the job is important.

I hope this info has given You a better overview on Add on Dump Run Services you may wish to offer in Your Lawn Care Business.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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