Lawn Care Business Directory

Lawn Care Business Directory

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Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. is a year round Property Maintenance Business serving Cobourg, Baltimore and the south side of Rice Lake.

Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. is a property maintenance business serving Cobourg, Baltimore and the southern Rice Lake (including Harwood and Gores Landing). Our business has been proudly serving Cobourg and the surrounding area since 1992.

We provide lawn mowing, spring and fall clean-up, eaves trough cleaning as well as residential snow clearing (in Cobourg only).

You can Trust us. Our staff solves your problem of finding someone friendly, professional and experienced to look after your property. With this peace of mind you will no longer have to worry when you want to travel, your property is still cared for as though you were still home.

You can plan other work to be done around your property, be it painting the outside or having your lawn sprayed, because we come regularly.

We are bonded and insured with references available upon request.

Baxter’s 4 Seasons Services has spent more than 27 years in the Cobourg and surrounding area working and improving our lawn care services just for you. More than 100 satisfied local customers make us their Outdoor Property Maintenance Provider.

Enjoy the pride and satisfaction we have in making your property look its best month after month, year after year.

Your Trust in Our Business is what keeps us in Business.

We currently have only a few spaces open for new lawn mowing customers for the 2020 season.

Live in Cobourg , Baltimore or on the south side of Rice Lake and looking for someone dependable for lawn care?, call us at 905-342-9469.

We Treat Your Property as if it were Our Own.