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image of free lawn care marketing ideas online

image of free lawn care marketing ideas online

One of the best ways to achieve results with Free Lawn Care Advertising is online

One of the best ways to achieve results with Free Lawn Care Advertising is the internet and the ability to reach so many people for zero to little cost. The list is long for the different social media platforms as well the many Buy and Sell sites that there is little excuse for not finding enough work for Your lawn care business whether just starting out or if you are trying to fill holes in your existing weekly lawn schedule.

So where to start? And where to put your effort? Well to me that depends on what part of the lawn care customer market you are after?

For me it has always been the seniors market as they are the ones who have money to spend and that generation cares how their property looks on the street.

My secondary market has been smaller business locations that are within my existing lawn care customer areas.

Therefore depending on where you live you will need to look at what type of homes and age the population that makes up the majority of possible customers.

So where are your customers for the majority nowadays? Online of course even seniors are online now and the number grows every day. When I started out in the Lawn Care business over 25 years ago the majority were still offline and in the local large print phone books. Today that is not the case.

So what are the best places? Your own website, which you can build yourself for less than $100 or pay someone else who specialises in website design for up to $300 which may give you more credibility more quickly. This will also give people a place to come to find out more about your biz as well as a place for all your other free online Lawn Care advertising methods you decide to use can be funnelled back to you in one location to consider quoting on. (I will be offering a very low cost highly beneficial way to get more people to find your lawn care business and help your site or online presence rise in the search results here by subscribing your business to our Lawn Care business directory).

Each specific lawn care customer lead your efforts generate will allow you to decide if the customer fits into your ideal customer persona (do they live in the area you want to service?, is the property a size you can handle?, does the customer give off a good vibe and appear to be able to pay for your services if you meet them in person when going to quote the property?).

Ok so the best free lawn care advertising is as you may have guessed Facebook, you need to setup a Facebook business page for your lawn care business. Everyone uses Facebook as a base unless you are targeting a very young crowd which as of 2019 the majority of your prospective clients will be 40 and over.

Facebook is one of the easiest places to start but in recent months it is not as beneficial as it once was due to its’ greatly reduced free post reach…

Facebook cover all customer demographics all in one place.  Personal property owners and businesses alike are on Facebook daily. Your Facebook Business page as allows you to add your contact info and a website address (thus the need to have a website of some kind) link page to your site where customers can find out more about you and contact you if they wish from your site.

That being said you can get by to start with just a Facebook business page to start as Facebook results show quite highly in search term results on Google if you are not in a highly competitive market area for lawn care services. Being on Facebook also will bring legitimacy and brand to your Business so it is something you should do from the beginning of your business or today if you are already in the business and are struggling to get more clients.

As I’m sure you are aware you can post anything to your FB Biz page to aid in getting more clients. Pictures of your work, Your logo of yourself and your crew or truck /trailer and zero turn all to tell your story and create awareness about you to the possible customers out there and your local community.

You can also create simple videos with your cell phone and a selfie stick or camera tripod introducing yourself to potential customers and telling them about any special promotions you are offering. Videos allow the customer to get a feel for you as well so always be professional and be yourself as uniqueness helps you stand out from the crowd. was the top result at the time when I Googled “best way to setup a facebook business page in 2019”  Take a look and consider doing what is suggested for your FB lawn care business presence.

If you are wishing to target businesses then LinkedIn is the place to be. I am not targeting this demographic myself but I do understand that this space is dominated by Business owners and other professionals who control the ability to hire out services such as lawn care and property maintenance.

To setup a LinkedIn profile here is a place to start . If this does not suite you then please use your Google search bar and “search how to setup a proper LinkedIn profile” and follow the steps outlined in the results.

Next is Google maps and setting up your business listing for your free Google business listing. This is the second thing I would do after getting a Facebook Business page up as Google will be wealth of free leads for the entire lifespan of your lawn care business.

To put it bluntly Google loves itself and will almost always put one of its own listing above anything else in the results when search for anything. Google is also very good at tracking all the data.

This means when someone is searching for a lawn care service Google knows where the searcher is and will respond accordingly and give them the best results based on their location. You if you offer services to the area the person searching is from could be in these results and getting the call to quote on their needs.

You can read up and follow the necessary instructions to get on this top performing Free Lawn Care Advertising method now by starting with this .

Next up in what I would use to drive more leads to your lawn care business would be a free ad on Craigslist. I am based in Canada so it does not work very well for me due to my location but I do know it is powerful in the U.S.

So if you are in the U.S. I suggest you start here .

For us Canucks our version of Craigslist is of course Kijiji .  I’m sure the majority of us Canadians by now hive lusted something or bought something from Kijiji but for those that are new to this I suggest starting with this walk through . In both Craigslist and Kijiji it is always best to have an attractive image of your business logo and services that will help you stand out instead of just typing in a bunch of words alone into your Free Lawn Care Marketing ad.

Last of the bigger locations that you can get free leads for your lawn care business is on Youtube, where it is free to create your own account and upload as many videos as you want to your own lawn care business channel and from there you can share video to other places on the internet for free. Such as on your Facebook business page or other places that get a lot of online attention.

To learn more about creating video and a Youtube channel check this out

There are many more place you can take your lawn care business message out to such as Instagram, Snapchat and more but for now I feel the age group using these 2 social media forms are much younger and may not be the right target audience for the lawn care business customer. I hope this content has helped you grasp the possibilities available for anyone wishing to expand their client base with Free Lawn Care Marketing tips.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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