Lawn Care Advertising

Your Lawn Care Advertising is actually the real world result or live action of your Lawn Care Marketing plan.

Your Lawn Care Advertising is actually the real world result or live action of your Lawn Care Marketing plan. There are many ways to advertise your Lawn Care Business. Depending on your budget when you begin your business will determine what advertising methods you can implement.

You will need a lawn care logo or word mark to begin any advertising process. Once you have a logo design then it is very important to carry forward this logo into all parts of your Lawn Care Advertising.

lawn care business cards

lawn care business cards

You must at least begin with a lawn care business card and lawn care flyers. These two forms of advertising shouldn’t cost more than $100.00 or so. You’ll need the cards to hand out to friends, relatives and people on the street. As for the flyers they should be put up at local corner stores, local businesses such as your local hair salon, auto mechanic, small engine repair shop etc.

If you have a larger budget then your lawn care advertising dollar would be wisely spent on some type of lawn care vehicle lettering. If you are doing this business legitimately (not under the table as many do), then lettering/graphics on your vehicle (and lawn care trailer if you already have one) get you noticed, get you work and set you apart from the part timers.


Truck Graphics are an Important part of Your Lawn Care Advertising

lawn care truck with lawn care business graphics applied

lawn care truck with lawn care business graphics applied

Costs for this type of advertising can vary due to the size of graphics, the number or colors and the type of vinyl used to make the graphic decals. Make sure you don’t cheap out on this. If you buy vinyl that is really cheap chances are it will come off within a year or so. Plan on spending $150 – $500, I know this sounds like a lot but think of what your phone book ad might cost. This lawn care advertising is out there with you while you’re working or just driving around. ** Make sure that the graphics can be easily read from at least 40’ away** not just beside the truck as many times people only have a second or two to see the graphics when you or they are moving.

Next since it was already mentioned phone book ads will get you business as people are looking for someone to solve their problem with a lawn care issue when they pick up the book. Unfortunately here you are lumped in with all your competition so this is where a good logo and tag line can set you apart, remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Costs for a phone book ad also vary greatly depending on it’s size. Costs here can start as low as $100 up to $500-$700 or more. Make sure your ad stands out and still looks professional.

lawn care business phone book ad

lawn care business phone book ad

It is also a great benefit to have found a good ad specialties business to go to when you want to do custom t-shirts, hats, pens or magnets for a special promotion or to give just as gifts to your valued customers.

Many people create and litter some of their friends and customers with Lawn Care Signs. This method may work for a short time but I find this method looses its appeal rather quickly as well many local municipalities will ban or remove signs that are left in one location for weeks on end and it is why I recommend the methods mentioned above.

All these Lawn Care Advertising tips will help you in standing out in Your local marketplace.

O.k. Team, remember our motto “Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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