Lawn Care Business Spare Parts Checklist

The following is a checklist of some of the items that you should have when beginning your Lawn Mowing business:

Spare parts you should keep on hand:

lawn care business spare parts checklist

lawn care business spare parts checklist

I suggest that you talk to your dealer and together make a short list of what is likely to break or wear out prematurely and buy a spare. What do I mean by this? Well I’m talking about the following:

  • for your large deck mower-extra spark plugs, extra set of belts, air/gas/oil filter, quart of oil, set of blades, tire repair kit etc.
  • for your self-propelled 21” mower-extra spark plug, extra blade, air filter, drive/clutch cables, wheels etc.
  • for your string trimmer-extra spark plug, extra flex shaft (if equipped), extra head caps (removable cap that holds the string head to the shaft), grease/grease gun

Tools you should keep with you while you are out mowing.

 All of these items should be kept in your vehicle with all the tools needed to change/repair any of the equipment that you are using that day. I also suggest that you carry the following tools with you at all times:

  • a good wrench/socket set (with proper spark plug socket included)
  • a set of large Vise Grips (Needle nose and regular)
  • a cordless impact drill for taking off and putting on large bolts holding blades on your large mower (check to find out bolt head size)
  • a hydraulic car jack (keep equipment off ground)
  • air pig (portable compressed air to inflate low tires)
  • a good quality jack knife
  • a good set of screwdrivers (including torque ends)

Additional Tools at the shop you should have.

A good pressure washer as you will need to clean off the under side of the mower decks daily

  • A good grinder for sharpening your own blades on a daily basis
  • A good movable light to see under your larger equipment as things often break down at the end of the day and you will have to get it fixed before you can start

Pieces of Equipment (to be left on the Truck) that may be needed from job to job. 

  • a good heavy duty leaf rake, concrete broom, flat mouthed shovel, spade, commercial grade garbage bags (trust me) and bag holder (keeps bag open and upright while you are working by yourself)
  • a good gas powered leaf/debris blower (I personally don’t use one but many other lawn mowing companies use them for blowing off sidewalks/driveways when job is done, it’s a good professional finishing touch)

I hope now after reading my e-book that you realize that I believe in being honest in all that I do. It is in this spirit that I also believe that you need to get as much good information before going ahead or improving your lawn care business.

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