Viking Nursery

There is always a Plant of Quality growing for you at Viking Nursery.

Viking Nursery located on Sully Road near Gores Landing is a Bedding Plant and Perennial nursery that offers top quality flowers for your garden and home.

The Nielsen family has been operating this Nursery business since its’ doors opened in 1992.

Here, Flemming Nielsen part of the family owned business is tending to hanging baskets in the nursery greenhouse.

By purchasing your flowers at Viking you are eliminating the middle man “Garden Centers” that offer a lower quality plant and instead you are buying directly from a grower, therefore getting plants that have been meticulously cared for, were grown on site (not shipped in freezer trucks from who knows where), and grown specifically for our climatic zone so you know that it will survive and thrive here.

Viking Nursery take Great Pride in their Plants

We take great pride in the plants that we sell and can offer helpful tips to ensure that your plants will maintain their health and grow to their full potential, such as what to feed them, what will grow well and compliment certain plants to providing you with a beautiful garden and landscape that will be the envy of all your neighbours.

Viking Nursery only grows the best annuals such as the Wave, Pickering Nursery’s Roses which are North Americas’ Premier award winners. Viking imports their Tulips from Holland thereby providing a tulip that is more mature and hardier plant, than those grown in the United Sates. Viking also grows and sells Poinsettias for the Christmas Holiday season as well.

Viking offers a wide variety of bedding plants, baskets (such as Bougainvillea and Passion vines), planters (specially made for pools, cottages & cemeteries), shrubs, climbers, mums, soil mixes, bulbs, plant material, landscape stone, fruit trees, bird seed and they are the only local area propane tank refill station.

Viking Nursery’s address is 4930 Sully Road, just half a kilometre north of county road #9 between Gores Landing and Harwood. Look for the signs at the end of Sully Road.

Open everyday except Christmas and New Years Day, they accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Interac and personal cheques from reputable banks. Their spring hours are from 9am to 4pm seven days a week from March to end of April. We will update the late Spring/Summer hours once they take effect and you should contact their phone number at 905-342-2537 for any specific needs.